rewilding-1Try to imagine a Scotland which is once again truly wild.

Imagine walking through a rich mosaic of wild forest, moor and mountain. Imagine knowing that, somewhere beneath the trees a lynx might be stalking, or beavers might be working to dam a river.

Nature can do this once again in Scotland if we only give it the chance. Highland Titles are part of a movement that aims to excite and inspire people all over the world to help give nature a chance to recover.

We are part of a rewilding movement working to create a passion for the natural world.  We are helping local communities to thrive by providing new sources of income and employment that work both economically and ecologically.

Rewilding is the large-scale restoration of ecosystems. It’s time has finally come.

We will help to create a core area of land to become a mix of closed and open forest where beavers, boar and lynx are allowed to return. Pine martens, red squirrels, wildcat, capercaillie, and eagles will be able to spread once more. And, in time, we could even see bear and wolves re-introduced to the remotest places.

Wide buffer zones around the rivers will help to stop floods and connect wildlife habitats to our cities. This will be a reconnected landscape which will allow animals to move freely and migrate.

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The First Highland Titles Nature Reserve